18. aug, 2017

Blues-rock favorites, compilation of 8 more songs- Part 3

Gepubliceerd op 12 nov. 2016
Mix of live and studio versions of songs from some great blues-rock artists and vocalists. All videos publiclly available separately and I have no monetary interests in posting this video. Please see reference to true copyright owners, after the list of songs.
For list of songs, click "Show More" below:
00:00" Parsienne Walkways - Gary Moore - LIVE Montreux Jazz Festival 2010 [my top favorite; great public, and check out how the members of the band are themselves affected by the song].
11:22" Fire on the Floor - Beth Hart (official video).
16:31" Prisoner - Joe Bonamassa.
23:17" Double Trouble - Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood - LIVE Madison Square Garden 2008.
31:22" Turn Right At Midnight - Roy Young.
35:32" The Messiah Will Come Again - Gary Moore - LIVE Montreux Jazz Festival 1990.
45:19" Lost The Best Friend I Ever Had - Stan Webb's Chicken Shack.
52:40" Where The Blues Come From - Chris Rea - LIVE Farewell Tour 2006. [Double-song with Josehpine]
57:54" Josehpine - Chris Rhea- LIVE Farewell Tour 2006.

Purchase individual videos from true copyright owners:
- Gary Moore (Eagle Rock): www.gary-moore.com
- Beth Hart (WMG) from: www.bethhart.com
- Joe Bonemassa (Epic Records): https://jbonamassa.com
- Eric Clapton & Steve Winwood (WMG): http://stevewinwood.com/news/5612
- Eric Young (UMG): www.universalmusic.com
- Stan Webb & The Chicken Shack (Sanctuary):
- Chris Rhea (JazeeBlueRecords): www.chrisrea.com