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Bas Paardekooper and The Blew Crue ~ Her Silent Cries.

Gepubliceerd op 8 jul. 2016

Bas Paardekooper and the Blew Crue made their first official appearance in 2007, although most members of the band had already been playing together in different settings.

I need to spend some time alone
And let my quiet thoughts surround me
Just as I think I'm on my own
Feels like an angel's voice has found me
I turn my head towards the place my baby lies
And I can hear her silent cries

Each time I wandered without her
My blues and worries would defeat me
But when she's there to heal my hurt
There ain't no sad feelings that can beat me
So when I'm tired of people's evil ways and lies
I'll hide behind her silent cries

Now when my heart is feeling sad
And even all my good friends doubt me
When love leaves questions in my head
My baby answers me quite loudly
For any broken heart for sale or love that dies
Won't keep her silent when she cries
(Silent, silent, silent...)
And when she cries
When she cries
Tears falling from the skies
Speak to me baby
Don't say a word
Take my heartache
Heal my hurt
Forever with me
Never say goodbye
Time to spread the truth now
So cry baby
Baby cry.................

Members of the band are:
Bas Paardekooper (Guitar and vocals)
René Mijnten (Bass and vocals)
Roel van Leeuwen(Drums and vocals)
Wouter Hoek (Keys and vocals)

Being inspired by Steve Ray Vaughan, Walter Trout and Jimi Hendrix their style can be best described as American Blues-Rock. The repertoire is heavy at times, but contains some beautiful ballads as well. All compositions are self made, forming a perfect basis for the spectacular and surprising guitar-sound of Bas Paardekooper.
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