6. feb, 2018

Chris Rea - Road to Hell

Gepubliceerd op 30 dec. 2016

Chris Rea - Road to Hell
Photographer – © Solve Sundsbo
Clip: Black Skulls Motorbike Crew; Ondria Hardin; Aamo Casting
Songwriter – Chris Rea
Album – The Road to Hell
Release date – 2 October 1989
Label - WEA, Atco, Magnet, Geffen
Personnel - Chris Rea — vocals, guitar, keyboards, producer; Robert Ahwai — guitar; Eoghan O'Neill — bass; Kevin Leach — keyboards; Max Middleton — piano, string arrangements; Martin Ditcham — drums, percussion; Linda Taylor, Karen Boddington, Carol Kenyon — additional vocals; Jon Kelly — producer; Neil Amor (with Diane BJ Koné) — engineer.

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