29. mei, 2018

Aynsley Lister - Dishevelled

Gepubliceerd op 16 mei 2018

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Aynsley Lister - Dishevelled Lyrics:

Smokey eyes and dressed to kill
In she walks, the room stands still
People talk, stop dead in their tracks
(I'm) watching it unfold from a stool at the back
Oh, the night is young
We've got time to play the scene out right
She's got my mind running as wild as
The dragon tattooed on her thigh
Oh, dishevelled tonight

Tucked in a corner at the back of the room
Nobody wiser to what we're up to
Just taking a few moments with a handful of love
Grinding to the movement ‘neath the table above
Oh, let's get outta here
Oh, let's neck that bottle of wine
Slip out amongst the chancers
Oh it's closing time
Halfway dishevelled, alright
Dishevelled, alright

Back of the alley in a shadow of light
Up against the stonework of Pier 49
Sweat flows and dampens red hot skin
Every single moment burning within
Oh, hand in hand walking the streets
The aftermath of Saturday night

Blending in, shining beneath the full moon light
Oh, dishevelled alright
Dishevelled, alright

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