4. jan, 2018

nr. 144. Dan Fogelberg - Netherlands (1977)

Gepubliceerd op 1 aug. 2010

I was familiar with many of Fogelberg's songs from the radio. However I only had one of his albums. So I was not familiar with this song until hearing it on Pandora. I was immediately taken by the melody and lush orchestration, but frustrated at the poor balance between his voice and the instruments. When I found the lyrics were to my liking, I knew this would be my next "project." I wish it was a better recording but it will have to do. I hope I've interpreted it's meaning in way that Dan (God rest his soul) would approve of. The lyric about choosing between accepting life as it is and finding peace seemed almost contradictory or certainly paradoxical. It is my belief that peace can be found from accepting what is. It's actually rather nice though that these lyrics are open to interpretation. Anyone that wants to share your thoughts on this, please feel free to leave a comment.