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1. jun, 2018

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2018 Relaxing Blues Music | Blues Music Songs Mix Vol 1 (4K)
Tracklist with Lyrics:
#Playlist 00:00:00 Joe Bonamassa Midnight Blues
00:08:31 Mark Lanegan Autumn Leaves
00:11:55 Norah Jones Come Away With Me
00:14:53 Eric Clapton Come Back Baby
00:18:46 Joe Bonamassa I'll Take Care Of You
00:24:07 Ray Charles Do I Ever Cross Your Mind
00:28:36 Eliza Neals Another Lifetime
00:33:23 Alvin Lee The Blues Blues
00:40:42 Albert Castiglia Loan Me a Dime
00:47:12 John Lee Hooker I Can't Quit You Baby
00:50:35 Freddie King Help Me Through The Day
00:54:56 Trudy Lynn Messin' Around With The Blues
01:00:27 Debbie Davies - Blue And Lonesome
01:05:30 Billy Branch & The Sons Of Blues As The Years Go Passing By
01:13:07 Lowell Fulson-One Room Country Shack
01:18:05 Eric Clapton Sensitive Kind (feat. Don White)
01:23:13 Little Milton Lady
01:27:18 Dr. Hector & The Groove Injectors Pickin' The Blues
01:31:38 Joe Cocker I Put A Spell On You
01:36:03 Vargas Blues Band Do You Believe In Love
01:41:16 Steve Gannon Band Down At The Deluxe Inn
01:46:02 Midnight Crepers Another you

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2. apr, 2018

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2. apr, 2018

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If you're from United States or Canada, you can't watch this movie on YouTube because of the copyright policy. BUT you can watch it by following this link:
If you want to download the movie from, you can use VSO Downloader — it's the best programm for that.

31. mrt, 2018

Gepubliceerd op 19 feb. 2018

With masterpieces, from Photos and Music, I made this video, through my eyes and, naturally, the means at my disposal. With respect and the great hope of adding a small drop of water all over it.

All the photos (58) by Sebastiao Salgado From biographical documentary film
“The Salt of the Earth” 2014
directed by Wim Wenders and Juliano Ribeiro Salgado

Track list
01. Ali Farka Toure & Ry Cooder - Ai Du 0:07
02. Geoffrey Oryema - Land Of Anaka 7:16
03. Rokia Traore - Kele Mandi 12:38
04. Tamikrest - Aratane N'Adagh 16:44
05. Aziza Brahim – Lagi 21:58
06. Momo Wandel Soumah - Felenko Yefe 27:53
07. Jan Garbarek & Ustad Fateh Ali Khan - Raga 1 36:00
08. Mari Boine & Liu Sola – Maze 44:39
09. Merendith Monk - Walking Song 48:33
10. Dmitri Pokrovsky – Porushka 51:30
11. Barcelona Gypsy Klezmer Orchestra – Ederlezi 54:40
12. The Armadillo String Quartet - Youkali Tango 1:00:32
13. Willy DeVille - Vampir's Lullaby 1:05:17
14. Majid Bekkas – Daymallah 1:09:23
15. Sona Jobarteh – Saya 1:16:25
16. Townes Van Zandt - Black Crow Blues 1:19:56
17. Sibylle Baier - The End 1:23:02

AI DU: Trust and faith in your fellow man has no equal. If you have experienced trust you will know its strength. You must know yourself before you know others

LAND OF ANAKA: In this land of Anaka. They called us Payira. Obiga lead me in this darkness. Show me the way. Obiga take me to a place. Where I can see light
In this land of Anaka. We had hope in Obiga. We had hopes, we had dreams. Of a clear green land. In place of the family house. Dead sand, dead sand
Obiga is no more. We are left in disarray. (Obiga take me home). The clan of Anaka, pillar.

KELE MANDI: When two beings meet each other. They bring to each other a little bit of what they are. For being so, we learn We build ourselves, and we evolve I bring you this that makes me different. Give me a little bit of what you are In peace and respect. For in what you will impose me I will keep just your violence and arrogance. We can't ask the other one to accept what we offer him/she. By receiving what the other is giving We are opening him/she to what we could bring him/she

ARATANE A’DAGH: The sons of mountain are poor. Since they were born they suffer. The sons of mountain are poor. They live from Assistances of countries. The sons of mountain are poor. Quantity of education is a fight against the ignorance. Which is prepared for the sons of mountain who are torturers and ignorant. Quantity of education is a fight against the ignorance. The sons of mountain are poor.

LAGI: Ever since I arrived in this world I have lived as a refugee. Despite moving to the North I have remained a refugee. Living in a haimas (tent) worn-out by time the haimas a witness of my sensibility and faith.
Look how many souls desire to finally meet again the eyes that await them. Here they are in Ivory Coast, they are refugees. Every year we see it in Sudan, a nation of refugees. In any town of Palestine here they are refugees. The troubles are repeated in Mali, they are refugees. And the people here they are, injured, in Argelia, as refugees. And the Saharawi resist today in Argelia, refugees.

PORUSHKA: A communal dance song was primarily sung at the time of the Summer Solstice. The whole village would move through the streets singing this song about love.

EDERLEZI: (St. George’s Day) All the Roma, Mother Are sacrificing lambs We are poor I live far away..All the Roma, Mother Our holiday Our holiday Hederlezi All the Roma, Mother All the Roma are singing All the Roma are dancing. They are sacrificing lambs. All the Roma, Father All the Roma, oh Mother All the Roma, Father

SAYA: Hmmmm, suba saya in the darkness of death the orphans cry that disease is the source of death can't you see I've suffered in pain? I have no hope left in this world because death broke my heart but one has to resign to fate mother. Please help me accept this face I'm talking to you, my love listen to what I'm trying to say my words have turned into air. No one can change destiny do you know the pains of love. You left me here in darkness heart broken and longing for you only God can repay you for what you did for me in this life I promise you one thing i will never forget you. My mother told me that life is difficult some are laughing while others cry everyday when you left this world you also took a part of me with you the words you said to me i still think about to this day i promise you until I die I will never forget you

I tried to be as close as possible to the lyrics of the tracks I found, and especially to the feeling of the music. Please grant me with your sympathy and understanding for any shortcomings.

I do not have the rights for the music and photos.
This video is exclusively for education and why not, for a little knowledge. I am mainly talking to myself through a broken mirror.

(In ancient Greek “onos” meaning donkey.)

12. mrt, 2018

Gepubliceerd op 11 nov. 2014

Stevie Ray Vaughan - Full Concert
Recorded Live: 9/21/1985 - Capitol Theatre (Passaic, NJ)

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0:00:00 - Scuttle Buttin' / Say What!
0:07:29 - Ain't Gone 'N' Give Up On Love
0:14:51 - Lookin' Out The Window
0:16:59 - Look At Little Sister
0:21:06 - Change It
0:25:31 - Mary Had A Little Lamb
0:30:05 - Cold Shot
0:34:54 - Couldn't Stand The Weather
0:41:41 - Guitar Change
0:42:10 - Tin Pan Alley