28. jan, 2018

Blues & Rock Ballads Relaxing Music Vol.20 Top 20 songs 2018

Gepubliceerd op 8 jan. 2018

Blues & Rock Ballads Relaxing Music Vol.20 The best top 20 song 2018
1-Snowy White - The Time Has Come
2-Cliff Stevens - If I Didn't Love You
3-Robert Plant - Big Log
4-Vargas Blues Band & Chris Rea - Do You Believe In Love
5-Blues Company - Crippled Mind
6-B.B. King - All Over Again
7-Robert Band Cray - I'm Done Cryin'
8-Alvin Lee - The blues best
9-Dr. Hector - Safe In Your Arms Again
10-Colin James - Standin On The Edge
11-Aynsley Lister - Need Her So Bad
12-D Man - Ain't Enough Whiskey
13-Little Milton - I'm At The End Of My Rainbow
14-Chuk Alvares - Goodbye
15-OMAR - Full moon on main street
16-Keith Stone - First Love
17-Jeff Fetterman - Bottle Full Of Blues
18-Will Matla - Bhavatu Sabba Mangalam
19-Scott Holt - I've Got A Mind To Give Up Living
20-Dudley Taft - Have You Ever Loved A Woman