30. jan, 2018

This Is The Blues [ 22 ] ~ 2006 ( Modern Electric Blues )

Gepubliceerd op 23 jan. 2017

Modern Electric Blues 2006
Enjoy , my friends !!!
Track List
Michael Dotson Cold Day In Chicago 00:00:00
Harmonica Shah I've Got To Help My Own Damn Self 00:06:37
Harmonica Shah The Twelve Year Old Boy 00:11:51
Phil & Buddy Guy He's My Blues Brother 00:17:10
Joey Gilmore You Put The Rush On Me 00:24:31
Joey Gimore Steal Away 00:30:13
The Daddy Mack Blues Band A Real Good One 00:35:15
The Daddy Mack Blues Band Black Magic Woman 00:41:02
Jimmy Burns Leaving Here Walking 00:45:31
Jimmy Burns Three O'Clock Blues 00:52:01
Chicago Bob Nelson That's Why I Love You 00:58:17
David Lee Durham Doing Me Wrong 01:02:24
David Lee Durham My Heart Is Filled With Misery 01:10:48
Nick Moss & The Flip Tops I Love The Woman 01:18:52
Michael Dotson Grampa Blues 01:29:02
Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials Nobody's Fault But My Own 01:35:38
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